How To Take A Perfect Selfie – 3 Master Tips

Nailing the perfect selfie isn’t an easy task. One needs to be really patient and consider several factors. How to take a perfect selfie, and occasionally asked questions but rarely perfectly answer. We’ve been using different types of equipment and other gadgets to make our photos stand out. However, at the end of the day, it all comes to some basic factors.

If those factors are fulfilled then you should expect a great result. Therefore, we consulted with different selfie experts, vloggers, bloggers, and other social media artists to find out their secret for a perfect selfie. In the process to do so, we’ve kept in mind our own experiences and formulated the perfect basic 3 tips to consider for nailing the perfect selfie.

Lighting Is the King

If we are calling a certain factor a king, you can easily realize the significance this factor holds. However, it may seem really obvious to you, but still, certain people don’t consider it as vital as it is. 

It has been famously quoted by Aaron Rose, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Well to our perception that we conceived throughout my years of experience, nothing can beat the beauty of the natural sunlight shining upon you. Wear as much work or wear as many pretty clothes you can but you can’t count off the lighting factor. Therefore, first, you need to realize that these factors like clothes and pretty looks aren’t the deciding factor. It all lies within being natural.

Thereby, its quoted, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, but the women wearing it surely will.” So, don’t let these pitiful excuses stop you from doing your work. You just need a good source of light, that’s it!

However, if you’re having an indoor shoot for maybe your beauty brands or your fashion tutorial, you just need to find a window. But folks now this search for an ideal position is also a vague concept. Technology has brought everything to your doorsteps made your life simpler.

Selfie ring lights have proven to be the game changer and a trendsetter. One just needs to get the best selfie ring light and boom! Now, you’re ready to do your indoor shoots without roaming around your house, searching for ideal positions. With its advanced options, you can control the intensity, brightness, and illumination as per your requirement.

Say No to Shadows

Well, you can’t possibly call a selfie perfect unless it’s free from shadows. These shadows will surely haunt your selfies making them look horrible. Therefore, the selfie experts suggest taking selfies at the time of sunrise or maybe the sunset, calling it the most beautiful time to click some selfies.

But the question is if you are asked to click your selfies in the night time. Once again, the selfie ring light is for your rescue again. Getting the ring lights and attaching them near to your lens allows the shadows to be minimized to a negligible extent. 

Adjust Your Angles

There may be several advice and tips on the internet right now. But believe me, if you’re going to ace this single tip, you’ll be going miles with your selfie game. In fact, getting the right angles by playing with them is an immensely tough nut to crack. But if you’ve finally mastered the angles then nothing will stop you.

This advice from Kim Kardashian completely sums up the angles game, “When it comes to selfies, keep your chin down and the camera up. There are about five people in the world who look good when shot from under their chin, and we haven’t met any of them.”

This clearly depicts the significance of adjusting your angles for the perfect selfie, however, we suggest you to be slightly side-on like don’t exactly face the camera but tilt your head to be slightly on the side. This advice has worked wonders for many selfie-experts. when talking about selfies, the ring light also provides the feature of adjustment of angles and height. Consequently, proving itself once again as a reliable selfie companion.

Just Don’t Shy Away

In the end, I would like you to never shy away from clicking your photos. In fact, click 100’s of selfies at a go in different angles, poses, and illuminations. After that look for the perfect selfie in that bundle because you shouldn’t possibly think of getting the perfect selfie in a single go.

There is much advice there on the internet, but for me, the basics are the best. If you’re acing these 3 departments then you don’t need any other advice. In short, you’ll be a selfie expert yourself as well!

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