Best Mobile Apps For Selfie in 2020

Capturing a perfect selfie does not solely depend on the quality of your phone or the megapixels of your camera. It also relies on the lighting, the background, a clear filter and a pretty smile. Taking a picture has never been out of trend and nor it will ever be. Pictures are one of the best ways to seize the beauty of a moment in one frame. Since the enhancement of mobile phones technology and the leaps in app development, there have been a number of applications which help us take great pictures and selfies at our convenience. A lot of applications are available in the Appstore to amplify the quality of your selfies wise.


Various apps have various modes of selfies. Some can be more intriguing than the other. The filters also vary from one application to the other. For instance, one of the main pioneers of selfies with use of filters Is snapchat. It will be discussed further below. Social media applications like facebook and Instagram also provide options to take selfies with interactive filters which make taking pictures a whole lot of fun but still there are other applications solely for the reason to take pictures.

Below, five of these apps are discussed which are unique in their own way. 


First introduced in the year 2011, this application changed the perspective of taking pictures and made it much more proficient. The filters on this app are remarkable as they have a variety to choose from and are also easy to use. Snapchat filters have been trendy for a while. Specially, the animal filters amped up the selfie trend. Now, almost every other selfie app has animal filters on it which implicates how snapchat is a symbol of selfies and pictures application. Snapchat has over 229 million users as of the first quarter of 2019. It has maintained its number of users by molding it to the convenience of their users as per their needs. Be it providing with more filters or faster face recognition technology. This app has made it clear for a while now that it is here to last and to make capturing selfies more fun and charismatic.


With a rating of more than 4.5, YouCam is another good option for taking pictures. It has been downloaded over 700 million times and has claimed to round up more than 60 million active monthly users in 2019. Apart from an array of filters and backgrounds, YouCam came up with the idea of more augmented selfies in a different app namely “YouCam makeup”. In the start, it merely let users to experiment with various makeup looks and portrait editing tools but now it has its hands dipped in the e-commerce pond as well. This app now has more than 200 brands of beauty and retailers including L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden, Cosmopolitan etc. these brands let the users use their products as makeup tools which can be applied to their selfies. This initiative might be the torch in a low-dim alley for aspiring entrepreneurs to come up with newer better ideas in this selfie application market. YouCam, a Taiwanese based company has been global for a while and is most definitely providing their users with the best filters and tools to make their pictures more eye-catching.


This app is a must-go for all those who think they are not photogenic. The editing tools on this app not only bring your facial glamor out but also helps you redefine your natural look. Be it altering of lighting, removal of shadows, control on color temperature this app has surely got your needs covered. It even has tools to make exquisite changes like teeth whitening, slimming or fattening of the face and other facial alterations. The app also flirts with the idea of going all glamorous with its’ glitter brushes and makeup. Facetune2 is constantly updated to enhance the user experience. Newer features include revamped makeup palette, multi-color neon filters etc. 

Facetune is the ultimate app for editing your pictures in a professional yet subtle way. The app is available on both IOS and Android. 


Retrica was a number one go-to selfie app for teenagers back when it was launched. Since then there is no denying the competition in this specific market. Even then, retrica has stood tall and is still relevant for the teens with a rating of 4.5 on google play store. This app apart from having funky filters is amazing for Instagram users as the filters are groovy as per the needs of a lot of instagrammers. Apart from filters it also allows to make GIFs, make selfie collages, or even annotations of your images with various doodles. This app has a chronological feed and allows you to interact with fellow selfie fanatics. You can even share your images directly from the app to your other social media platforms like facebook etc. 


Candy Camera is one of the most user-friendly application around. It is used globally even though it does not have complex editing tools. This app surely matches with the compatibility of Instagram models or more professional social media artists as it is designed along the borders of Instagram. It is safe to say that pictures can be edited better on this app than on Instagram in terms of editing and personalization of images. This application also has an old school touch to it as it has different frames and stickers to decorate your images. Unfortunately, it does not have an integrated social network in itself but luckily you can share your pictures on other social networks like twitter. One of the key factors which make this app stands out from other apps is that it you can see, in real time, how some of those filters work and will look without having to take the picture. All there is to do is just to slide your finger over the screen to scroll/flip through the different filters available. 

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